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Below, you will find an ever expanding list of reading material on Irish Wolfhounds, Lure Coursing and in general, anything that's published that has to do with Irish Wolfhound's. If you would like to be automatically notified whenever this page is updated, please submit your email and select the page on which you would like notification. If you know of any books or magazines not appearing on this list, please email me with the information and I'll be happy to get it posted.

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Books on Irish Wolfhounds

The Irish Wolfhound Guide by: Gen. Alfred deQuoy
The Irish Wolfhound in Competion by: Gen Alfred deQuoy
The Irish Wolfdog by: Father Edmund Hogan
The Irish Wolfhound by Capt. George Augustus Graham
Graham's Pedigree's 1859 ~ 1906 by: Capt. George Augustus Graham
The Complete Irish Wolfhound by: Joel Samaha
The Best of the First Ten Years of the Irish Wolfhound Quarterly by: Hoflin Publishing
Lure Coursing 1990 - 1994 by: A.S.F.A.The American Sighthound Field Association
A Discussion of the Irish Wolfhound by:Anthony Killykeen-Doyle
An Illustrated Study of the Irish Wolfhound by: Jill Richards Bregy
Irish Wolfhound Registrations 1965 - 1975 by: Pat Huntley
Irish Wolfhounds of the West Vol. 2 editor: Pat Huntley
Irish Wolfhound Association West Coast -Golden Book 1940 -1990 edited by: Pat Huntley
The Complete Irish Wolfhound by: Alma J. Starbuck
The Irish Wolfhound, A Collection of Photographs and Pedigrees by: Elizabeth C. Murphy
Raising, Showing and Breeding The Irish Wolfhound by: Elizabeth C. Murphy
The Irish Wolfhound by: Phyllis Gardner
The Brabyns Handbook of Irish Wolfhounds by: D.E.S. Hudson
The Irish Wolfhound by: John Gordon
You and Your Irish Wolfhound by: John A.K. Donovan
The Irish Wolfhound, Great Symbol of Ireland by: John A.K. Donovan
Irish Wolfhounds by: Beverly Pisano
The Complete Dog Book by: The American Kennel Club
Irish Wolfhound Champions 1952 - 1987 by: Camino Books
Irish Wolfhound Champions 1988 - 1994 by: Camino Books
The Irish Wolfhound Quarterly Magazine by: Hoflin Publishing
The Hound Group by: Dr. Nina P. Ross, published by: Doral Publishing
Popular Sighthounds by: Juliette Cunliffe
The Dogs of Ireland by: Anna Redlich
Irish Wolfhound's on Paradeby: Martin Garrity and Holly Cook
The Wolfhound ~ a Russian Taleby: K. L. Franklin, art by:Kris Waldherr

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