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A.S.F.A. "Bunnies" Go On Strike!!

©1997 Marsha Williams

Date line ~ 1995 A.S.F.A. International Invitational ~ LaMarque, Texas

Those who attended the 1995 A.S.F.A. yearly International Invitational in LaMarque, Texas were met with the astounding and highly unusual sight of one of the local bunnies ~ who has since asked to remain anonymous ~ with his daughter Samantha, picketing the event.

When interviewed by this reporter, Mr. G. N. Bunny claimed "Without us you'd be nothing! We're going on strike for hospitalization and accident benefits, flood insurance and more carrots too ~ some of those sighthounds are pretty darn fast! We also want name recognition. Why .. even at the Greyhound races they say ' ...and there goes Sparky!!' Mr. G. N. bunny continued "... even though Sparky does give what can only be termed as an electrifying performance."

Mrs. J. Bunny however, could not be reached for comment as she was holed up somewhere.

During the following two days of the events in what can only be termed a suspicious turn of events, an unknown Saluki seemingly "volunteered" to stand as a substitute bunny for the Borzoi faction during one course. Although this idea was met with a GREAT deal of enthusiasm by the Borzoi themselves and, without doubt the Saluki was in excellent shape, the Saluki appeared to re-evaluate the entire idea during the actual coursing. Evidently, the Saluki concluded that the wiser 'course' was to have nothing further to do with the entire matter as it retired from the field, aided by three exceptionally enthusiastic Borzoi, with all due haste before the course was finished.

Later, that same day, a Whippet evidently heard of the possible job opening and decided that there was no better way to show off both his skills in agility and endurance than by joining the Irish Wolfhounds for a course. Now, the IW's as had the Borzoi, looked upon this with considerable favor as it did indeed add a new dimension this weekend's event's and to what until now had held the familiar routines.

H.O.P.S. (Hares Opposed to Pursuit by Sighthounds)

Below, you'll find information on Coursing clubs not only here in the United States, but in other countries as well. Along with places to obtain coursing equipment, and some stories. None of the links are listed in order of importance, but I'd like to suggest that you check out  the American Sighthound Field Association site first if your new to the sport..

American Sighthound Field Association ~ "A.S.F.A." Alabama Hound and Hare Association
"A.H.  H.A." ~ under construction
Mid-Atlantic Hound Association ~ "M.A.H.A." Central New Jersey Hound Association ~ CNJHA
20/20 Hound Sight ~ "Netzine" Euro Sighthound News "Windhund Talk"
Original British Coursing Rules 
by The Duke of Norfolk
Lure Coursing in Germany -  
The German Sighthound Club (DWZRV)
Lure Coursing in Canada ~ Regulations U.K. Field Coursing
Best in Field, St. Leger Aeida Sighthound Review Magazine
St. Louis Area SightHounds ~ "S.L.A.S.H." Field Advisory News Magazine - F.A.N.
Ontario Lure Coursing Association ~ "O.L.C.A." Alberta Lure Coursing Association ~ "A.L.C.A."
Colorado Lure Coursing Association ~ "C.L.C.A." District Area Sighthound Association ~ "D.A.S.H."
A View of the Double Suspension Gallop B. Dalzell's ~ Lure Coursing Home Page
British Field Sports Society Pharr Tx Sprinkler Repair

By now, if your new to the sport, or would like to get your very own coursing equipment, your probably wondering where you can find all of these things. Listed below are some places you'll want to contact, for coursing machines, blankets, collars, coursing leads etc..

Injoy Lure Coursing Equipment Laurie Soutar ~ Coursing Equipment
Salles Homepage

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