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Morgan Llywelyn is the author of Red Branch, Lion of Ireland, Bard and eight other best-selling mainstream historical novels retelling the legends of Ireland. Among her many awards and honors are the Poetry in Prose Award for Bard, given by the University of Santiago in Spain and a place on the Review Celtique recommended reading list for Druids.

You'll be swept back through the mists of time - where friends become deadly enemies, bedrooms turn into battlefields and dreams of glory are finally fulfilled. To visit her web site and find out more information follow the link Morgan Llywelyn

Red Branch
The Lion of Ireland
Pride of Lions
The Wind From Hastings
The Horse Goddess
Bard: The Odyssey of the Irish
Grania: She King of the Irish Seas
Brian Boru: Emperor of the Irish
The Elementals
The Last Prince of Ireland
Ireland: a Graphic History
Finn Mac Cool
Vikings in Ireland
1916 - a new mainstream historical novel about the Irish war for independence, should be out early next year and is "... the largest and certainly most ambitious of my books ever, ..1916, has absolutely exhausted me"

TOR/Forge is bringing Morgan Llywelyn to America for a month-long book tour to promote 1916! Ms. Llywelyn will arrive in time for Saint Patrick's Day and return home after Easter.

A complete 1998 Tour Schedule of public appearance dates and events is now posted so that you will know when and where you can meet Morgan Llywelyn, buy a copy of 1916, and have it signed.

'Due to the sheer volume of mail she is receiving, Miss Llywelyn deeply regrets that she will no longer be able to respond to her fans individually. Please be assured of her gratitude for your interest, however...and keep reading!

About 1916:

"1916 - the insurrection which gave birth to an independent Ireland after centuries of struggle. This is a novel in the tradition of EXODUS! An ambitious book which only a novelist of Morgan Llywelyn's stature could have accomplished. Against a powerful backdrop, her characters, fictional and historical, enact their parts in a breath-taking story; a story of high drama and heroism, a story of human tragedy and degradation. This is the stuff of epic sagas and Morgan Llywelyn does not fail to fulfil our expectations. A tour de force!" - Peter Beresford Ellis, author of Hell or Connaaught, The Boyne Water, The Rising of the Moon"

"1916 is a terrific book. The portrait of Pádraic Pearse alone is worth the price of admission." - Thomas Fleming, author of Remember the Morning and Liberty!

"Llywelyn has made a remarkable literary journey over the years, writing brilliantly about the continental Celts, their migration to Ireland, Irish heroes of a millennia ago, and now the Easter Rising. Whether bringing to life the Celts of antiquity or their intrepid descendants who marched out to fight for an Irish republic, Morgan Llywelyn's prose career is enriched by an almost tactile feel for history. Best of all, Llywelyn's painstaking research gives this remarkable novelist an uncanny credibility when she suggests the must-have-beens of the chronicle of Ireland. Those qualities, added to her extraordinary prose, make 1916 a must-read." - Terence Folan, author of The Gold Sun Book of Irish Freedom."

"1916 is indeed an important work. The fact is that the Easter Rising did give rise to de jure Irish nationhood - and this work in novel form is important in establishing a healthy public understanding of how and why it did. Llywelyn has done more than anyone to bring the entire panorama of Irish history to life. In fact she has radically changed the American public perception of the past as it regards Ireland and her people." - John P. Flaherty, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

"A magnificent work. It borders on genius." - William Bulger, President, University of Massachusetts.

Quotes for earlier work:

"Llywelyn breathes passion and believability into historic characters with a talent few writers can equal." - The Irish Press

"Pithy meditations on men, women, honor and war combine with an epic plot as befits a culture with a strong oral tradition." - The New York Times

"A major talent for historic fiction." - Parade of Books "Her battle scenes are as finely honed and spare as any ever written by Hemingway." - The Irish Echo

"Llywelyn's novels provide intelligent accessibility to the distant past." - The London Sunday Times

"Historical fiction at its best, thoroughly researched by a writer with a deep understanding both of political intrigue and human psychology." - The Washington Post

"Convincing characterisations, vivid, detailed descriptions, and constantly building suspense are the hallmarks of Llywelyn's novels." - The Dallas Morning News

Many of these book (especially as first editions) are very hard to find,  however Tom Doherty, of:

Tom Doherty Associates
175 Fifth Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10010
owns the reprint rights to earlier books and is planning to reprint them. Drop him a note and let him know if you'd prefer these to be in hardcover.

Books By Morgan Llywelyn
and Michael Scott

Michael Scott is both an author of popular novels and an authority on Celtic languages and myths. His popular fiction includes a fantasy series based on Irish legend, Tales of the Bard, and adult horror novels based on Irish legend. Recently he has published a series of best-selling historical novels under the pseudonym "Anna Dillon." He is also the author of three definitive collections of Irish folklore, Irish Folk and Fairy Tales, Irish Myths and Legends and Irish Ghosts and Hauntings.

Silverhand: The Arcana, Book 1
Silverlight: The Arcana, Book 2

Books by Diana Gabaldon

"People disappear all the time. Ask any policeman. Better yet, ask a journalist.  Disappearances are bread-and-butter to journalists. Many of the lost will be found, eventually, dead or alive. Disappearances, after all, have explanations ... usually."

The Outlander
Dragonfly in Amber
Drums of Autumn


Follow this link to contact Amazon Books and they may be able to help with your search:

The Poems of Ossian translated by: James Macpherson
The Raid: A Dramatic Retelling of Ireland's Epic Tale by: Randy Lee Eickhoff
Braveheart by: Randall Wallace
The Story of the Irish Race by: Seumas MacManus
Celtic Myths and Legends by: T.W. Rolleston
Irish Mythology by: Lady Augusta Gregory
The Druids by: Peter Berresford Ellis
Celtic Myths and Mythology by: Charles Squire
A Treasury of Irish Myth, Legend and Romance by: W.B. Yeats and Lady Gregory
Irish Folktales by: Henry Glassie
Cúchulain of Muirthemne: The Story of the Men Red Branch of Ulster by: Lady A. Gregory
The Art of Celtica by:Courtney Davis
The Battersea Sheild by: I.M. Stead
The Book of the Deer by: Peter Berresford Ellis
The Oxford Book of Irish Verse
Celtic Women by: Peter Ellis
Uppity Women of Medieval Times by: Vicki León
Celtic Warrior Chiefs by: John Matthews and Bob Stewart
The New Oxford Book of Irish Verse edited by Thomas Kinsella
Ancient Irish Tales by: Tom Peete Cross and Clark Harris Slover
The Celts by: Nora Chadwick
A Dictionary of Irish Mythology by: Peter Berresford Ellis
Irish Literary History by: J. F. Caerwyn Williams
The Táin by: Thomas Kinsella
Táin Bó Cuailng Recension I by: Cecile O'Rahilly
The Mabinogi and Other Medieval Welsh Tales by: Patrick K. Ford

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