"Buried Treasures....."

Our First Successful Hunting Season

Below are some places where you can find buried treasures, now ... not all of the treasure hunts you find will be the same - sometimes the "treasure" you find is a story, or a game, maybe a trip into outer space or perhaps at last solving an anagram, but there's always a reward. Some of these treasure hunts are easy, some are hard and a few will be downright frustrating and "devilish," but all will be worthwile. So relax, grab a cup of coffee or a coke and settle down for some fun and entertainment while you go on "Treasue Hunt's" to far away lands and very interesting places.....Good Luck!!

There are 9 treasure's on this page
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Found the Fish!
September 29, 1997
Found the Fly!
September 29, 1997
Found the Frog!
September 29, 1997
Found the Lucky Duck
September 29, 1997
Greg's Turkey Hunt
September 29, 1997
I am a Winner in Lady Shel's Treasure Hunt II
Lady Shel's Treasure Hunt II
September 29, 1997
I Finished Lady Shel's Treasure Hunt
Lady Shel's Treasure Hunt
September 29, 1997
Found Mishi's Ball
September 28, 1997
Found Dragon Isle
August 7, 1997

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"Buried Treasures....."
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