Longevity Report

by: Elizabeth C. Murphy ~ Ireland

Updating the lifespan section of her book "Photographs and Pedigrees: Irish and UK", Elizabeth Murphy had lists of the longer lived hounds ~ 8 years and upwards ~ for each member Club at the 1996 EIWC.

The longest lived hound was:
16 years, 6 months ~ Anthony Killykeen-Doyle's "Killykeen Kildevin"
No records of 14 or 15 year old hounds.
13 years = 9 hounds
12 years = 31 hounds
11 years = 72 hounds
10 years = 119 hounds
  9 years = 143 hounds
  8 years = 156 hounds

Among the 530 Irish Wolfhounds recorded above, the Prefix which outstripped all others was Mrs. M. Saunder's "Erindale," with 46 "Erindale" hounds being listed among the longer lived hounds.

The following prefixes appeared between 20 and 28 times: "Drakesleat," "Solstrand," "Eaglescrag" and "Killykeen."

The following prefixes appeared between 12 and 16 times: "Sanctuary," "Melanter," "Gulliagh," "Brabyns," "Carrokeel" and "Petesmeade."

The following prefixes appeared between 7 and 10 times: "Bokra," "Knocknarea," "Nutstown," "Tolkavalley," "Athcarne," "Marumac," "Ballykelly," "Mochras," "Sepulechar," "Lenhams" and "Owenmore."

The following prefixes appeared between 5 and 6 times: "Cleaseac," "Corniman," "Hibeck," "Careidg," and "Coolbreagh."

The following prefixes appeared between 3 and 4 times: "Clanellan," "Chapelleigh," "Finloren," "Oakenshield," "Outhwaite," "Pendomers," "Rathdaws," and "Royden."

The following prefixes appeared twice: "Ballalyn's," "Ballinteer," "Bearnabui," "Camlet," "Chater," "Culvercroft," "Derryquinn," "Galtymore," "Ladestar," "Mellor," "Moonvoy," "Nellwyns," "Nendrum," "Thornwick," "Tullygirvan" and "Witchesbroom."

"Numbers are NOT consecutive, e.g., no prefixes were recorded 17, 18, 19 times."

The above can only be taken as a very rough indication; age updates of many Prefixes were not supplied; others were only partially supplied. Breeders who only breed occasionally will naturally have fewer entries.

It was my hope in recording the lifespan that breeders would be able to note the long lived hounds in their pedigrees and take this into consideration when planning future breeding. Each delegate at the 1996 EIWC was given a copy of the full list to make available for their Club members.

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